About Us

Innovation Technology Cluster (ITC) is a non-profit organization located in the city centre of Murska Sobota, North-eastern part of Slovenia, bordering to Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The Cluster was established in 2011 as Institute of Advanced Technologies and Communications (INTK Murska Sobota) and was re-structured into Institute of advanced technologies and sustainable development (IAS Murska Sobota) in 2016 by extending the scope of work to food innovation and rural development. In 2017 Cluster was formed to foster cross-sectoral innovation based upon novel technologies and ICT, while bringing together SMEs and other institutions from different sectors and turn them into being ‘’Smart’’.

The Cluster focuses its effort in setting up foundation that allows knowledge actors and industry players (especially SMEs) to detect, create and exchange new technologies and best practices, which will allow them to create new services and products, and thus generate new value chains. Furthermore, ITC cluster strives to set up and implement strategies and action plans to achieve stable growth of cross-sectoral innovation at national and international level.

ITC Cluster is also a founder and administrator of one of the first Slovenian Digital Innovation Hubs in agriculture and food production – DIH AGRIFOOD and strives to establish an international ”Eco System” of companies and institutions which will be able to challenge the global competitiveness in the area of Sustainable development.

Vision & Mission


Vision is to become internationally recognised platform for innovative and development oriented companies and institutions.

The mission of ITC is to utilize its organizational, communication, project management and technological knowledge and skills and turn this into competitive advantage for its network of institutions. The development strategy is focused into creating an ”Eco System” that will allow expanding specific areas of sustainable development and producing new skills necessary to achieve the goal – improving the innovation capacity and identification of new opportunities in the field of ICT, tourism and other fields of sustainable development.

ITC is based on establishing cooperation and further developing its network of institutions by:

– Utilizing new ideas and development potential by establishing, administrating and implementing new projects through variety of national and international funding programmes

– Providing highly advanced organizational and technical support to innovative companies and research groups

– Promoting cooperation of companies and research institutions through joint research and development activities

– Promoting concentration of the specific knowledge around Institute, which constitute a basis for strengthening human resources development in the area of sustainable development

– Promoting network’s high technological potential in the region

– Promoting network’s research and development activities in the region’s businesses


Rural development

Our actions are mainly aimed at improving the social and economic status of the rural areas.

Information and communications technology

Research and development of first class ICT applications and products


Our experts are active on production of local food, ecological farming, technological developments and other fields, which helps promoting the short food supply chains.


Our work is always directed into preserving the natural and cultural heritage together with promotion of tourism in the region.