Green Point Living Lab

GREEN POINT (Zelena točka) Short Food Supply Chain Living Lab; Green point is fully operational, the biggest and most advanced regional short food supply chain, founded by farmers, involving more than 100 local farmers, food producers and cooperatives, covering the process of production in green house and open-air fields, with logistics from own distribution centre.


Sales channels & The Greenpoint delivering food

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Gross sale
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Public institutions
schools, kindergartens, nursery homes, hospitals
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Private organizations
hotels, restaurants, canteens

Green point is operated as a Living Lab (ENoLL member) based on a Multi-Actor Approach, involving input industry and technology providers, primary producers, food businesses, consumers, citizens, local authorities and other actors, promoted to co-create innovative systemic solutions in support of food systems sustainability goals.

Green point Living Lab is implementing innovative models and technologies relevant for the Smart villages & Rural development concepts, piloting and demonstrating technological (blockchain, big data, …), economic (circular economy, Food loss and waste, …) and social (consumer participation, public awareness, food sharing, food locality, …) innovations.