About us

We are non-profit Business Support Organization located in North-Eastern part of Slovenia, with a vision to foster cross-sectoral innovation and implementation of novel technologies and ICT in rural-based sectors.

Aiming at bringing together target groups (such as SMEs, food system actors, farmers and other rural actors) and turn them into being ‘’Smart’’, thus creating a unique Europe-wide innovation-based eco-system, supporting the shift towards more resilient, healthy and environmentally, socially, economically sustainable rural areas.

Operated by group of interdisciplinary professionals, having strong international references, network of institutions and extensive experience in conducting EU funded projects and other projects focused on rural development.


Digital Innovation Hub - DIH AGRIFOOD is a »One-Stop-Shop«, providing digital transformation services to organizations (farmers, farmer associations, food producers, food supply chain actors, solution providers) through a Multi-ActorApproach (MAA) to provide safe, sustainable and quality food, while considering economic, environmental and social aspects and implications of food production and delivery.

GREEN POINT (Zelena točka)

Short Food Supply Chain LivingLab; Green point is fully operational, biggest and most advanced regional short food supply chain, founded by farmers, involving more than 100 local farmers, food producers and cooperatives, covering the process of production in green house and open-air fields, with logistics from own distribution centre and different means of sales: gross sale, retail and online. The Greenpoint in delivering food to citizens, public institutions (schools, kindergartens, elderly homes, hospitals, ...), private organizations (HoReCa sector organizations).



is a business planning and data aggregation platform for farmers and food producers, based on a comprehensive and technically advanced e-service, allowing farmers and food producers to develop overall farm production plans, using different farming methods, technologies and approaches.

Ongoing Projects

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ITC - Innovation Technology Cluster conducts research and innovation, technology scouting and deployment, technology transfer, networking, business support, piloting and demonstration, knowledge transfer, awareness raising and other activities through international collaboration.

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Active participation and collaboration in European networks and platforms is essential for cross-fertilization and exchange of knowledge, technologies, methods and practices.