ITC Cluster, under the umbrella of DIH AGRIFOOD, developed multiple online platforms for farmers, agricultural advisors and other food supply chain stakeholders to foster the digital transformation of the food sector in Pomurje region. One of them is the web application My Farm, which is described below.

My Farm is a platform used by farmers and Slovenian farmers' advisory services. The solution supports small and medium farmers in transforming their current farming practices. My Farm is the central platform for visualizing all available data about the respective farm. Some of the data sources which are available in the platform are:

  • Weather data from Slovenian National Environment Agency (ARSO)
  • LAB analysis data from soil and plant samples
  • Earth observation data from Sentinel satellite
  • Business plans from the Farm Manager application
  • Data from Field Book app
  • And many more data sources are planned to be added soon
  • Another integrated platform service is the Field Book, where farmers record their activities and work on the farm.

In My Farm application, the ITC have developed a module in which the farmer can define prescriptions for precision fertilizing of the fields. The business process of the precision fertilizing is described on the picture below:


Under the umbrella of the DIH Agrifood, KGZS Zavod Murska Sobota, and Green.Dat.AI Horizon project, we have established the partnership with Laboratory for Geospatial Modelling, Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence, of the University of Maribor, where we developed the module for generating fertilizing prescription maps with AI and mapping tools, where we are using Gemma Fusion Suite REST API services.

In that way, we optimized the process of generating prescription maps:

  • Farmers don't have to take soil and plant samples on the field and there is no need for LAB analysis of those sample
  • Farmers advisory service doesn't have to make laboratory analysis of the samples
  • Farmers' advisory service doesn't have to create fertilizing prescription maps manually
  • Farmers and farmers' advisory service time and cost savings are enormous. For example, farmers' advisory services can prepare hundreds of prescription maps instead of dozens for the same price and time consumption.