SEE TV-WEB / Tackling the Digital Divide in Southeast Europe by Using the Capacity of DTT Networks

Programme: South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme
Timeline: October 2012 – November 2014
Project value: 1.430.048,90 EUR
The aim of the TV-WEB project was to deliver Internet content to those who do not usually use  Internet services and who have no broadband connection. The idea was to use the free digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcasting frequency spectrum capacities for transmitting selected Internet content (such as news, e-services etc.) and ensure a sort of Internet experience via TV devices to certain less advantaged segments of the population, or those in rural areas without broadband access.

IAS MURSKA SOBOTA was one of the technical innovators of the platform which was used for the project and can be used as television learning (t-learning) or can present a good base for e-learning projects. We were also responsible for implementation of 4 pilots in Slovenia.