Project: EKOGEN – Economics of farming with the support of geospatial analysis
Timeline: 9. 7. 2020 – 8. 7. 2022
Project budget: 701.055,40 €
Co-financing: 299.912,10 €

With the development of an advanced tool for farm management, the proposed project addresses the burning issue of farming economics. The proposed tool is intended primarily for agricultural consultants and derives from the latter’s existing expert system in their daily work. The proposed project is thus aimed at developing an innovative solution with global market potential, which eliminates the shortcomings of the current state of the art from the following aspects:

  • The integration of open online data sources will significantly reduce user data administration requirements and thus contribute to a higher degree of systematic work.
  • Visual modeling of the production plan will enable the automatic extraction of characteristic parameters of arable land from open data sources.
  • Expansion of the existing expert system with artificial intelligence optimization techniques will enable automatic recombination of possible production structures to help agricultural advisers.
  • Export reports and integration interfaces for automatic integration of services with other precision farming platforms and third-party systems (banks, insurance companies) to exploit farming economics.

The proposed product represents a tool that will enable agricultural advisers to have a higher level of efficiency and encourage the development of new market, social and ecological innovations.


“The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund”