Project title: Strategic cooperation of institutions for the harmonious use of project results in the Slovenian-Hungarian border region
Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Hungary
Project Acronym: SI-HU PRO
Project duration: 24 months – 03/2020 -2/2022
Project budget: 340,000.00 €


In the current programming period several projects regardless they have already been implemented or are being currently implemented in the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A Slovenia-Hungary – aim to foster the promotion and preservation of natural and cultural heritage in the programme area through the instrument of sustainable tourism. These projects have appropriate cross-border character and added value for their respective project areas, but their implementation was more or less isolated from each other. Coordination among them in order to use synergies is missing and there is no systematic communication about each other’s results, offers.

With the possibility of coordinated sustainment of project results and harmonized communication on different levels as well as with joint planning of further developments for the future in the area of sustainable tourism, the project focuses on the establishment of a common cross-border coordination network which connects applications with the topic of sustainable tourism approved in the CP Interreg V-A SI-HU in the period of 2014-2020. At the beginning of the project all available knowledge, information, output and results will be researched and analysed with active involvement of the targeted projects. After that phase the project partners will identify common solutions to sustain, communicate and develop the projects of the current period. Among others we will create a policy recommendation concerning cross-border coordinated tourism development.

Lead partner:

Vas Megyei Önkormányzati Hivatal

The project is co-financed by the Interreg Cooperation Programme V-A Slovenia-Hungary within the European Regional Development Fund.