Project title: COOP4HEALTHCARE Cross-sectoral Alliances for Smart Healthcare Solutions
Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria
Project Acronym: COOP4HEALTHCARE
Project duration: 24 months – 05/2018 -4/2020
Project budget: 958,443.26 €







The COOP4HEALTHCARE project aims, through its main objective, to improve the provision of services in the health sector through consistent cross-border cooperation between the relevant actors in the program area and with strategic European partners. Through this, highly-efficient, focused and long-term oriented pilot project (digitalisation, knowledge excellence, & cooperation models) are activated and implemented. Therefore, it addresses the challenges of improving health cooperation and providing balanced, modern, and high-quality care to all population areas on a local and independent basis. The planned change is primarily generated through integrated health solutions; in particular through the main outputs (1) knowledge and cooperation-oriented work base; (2) excellent pilot projects; (3) action-oriented roadmap 2020-2026 and the (4) HEALTHCARE Think Tank. COOP4HEALTHCARE fosters proven tools and methodologies that are further developed and adapted for use in integrated health solutions. The new approach to the project is the structured use of operational and strategic instruments, as well as their consistent, permanent, and organizational anchoring.

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Project is co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF)

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