The main Hackathon objective is to identify products and services applicable in the agrifood domain, which are responding to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Products and services can be presented as Minimum Viable Products (MVP) or fully developed products and services that can be deployable, promotable and marketable.


European solution providers, innovators and enthusiasts.

FARM2FORK HACK at a Glance:

To propose innovative and implementable products and services, which will have the following impact:

  • minimizing negative effects of COVID pandemic in agrifood sector or
  • increase resilience of the food production and food supply systems in pandemic situations


Examples for products and services may be very broad, covering following areas (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Deployment of any kind of digital technologies in agriculture, food production/processing and food supply (robotics, AI, IoT, EO, Big data, blockchain, …);
  • Agrifood workforce (management, personal distancing, training, optimization, …);
  • Education in the agrifood sector;
  • Connecting regional supply and demand (short food supply chains, transport, forecasting, …);
  • Decreasing food loss and managing food waste (donating, new business models, re-routing, circular business models);
  • Food safety, storage, packaging;
  • Preservation of nature and resources;




1st award

  • A prize of 3.000 EUR
  • FARM2FORK HACK Gold award

2nd award

  • A prize of 2.000 EUR
  • FARM2FORK HACK Silver award

3rd award

  • A prize of 1.000 EUR
  • FARM2FORK HACK Bronze award


Georgios Megas

Μr. Georgios Megas, Innovation manager and the Greek National Contact Point for ICT & FET/EIC in H2020, a member of the Enterprise Europe Network ICT Sector Group, a certified Innovation Guide from the Improve Academy, the coordinator of the EIT Health HUB for Greece.

Matteo Sabini

Mr. Matteo Sabini , Project Manager in H2020 bioeconomy and NMBP areas at APRE, trainer and member of the EEN Agrifood Sector Group.

Daniel Copot

Mr. Daniel Copot, M.Sc., DIH AGRIFOOD manager, senior international expert, consultant and entrepreneur.


October 7th 2020 (17:00 CEST)



FARM2FORK HACK is financed and endorsed by SmartAgriHubs